Oberndorfer Druckerei and J. Fink Druck receive the EU-Ecolabel

Oberndorfer Druckerei and J. Fink Druck receive the EU-Ecolabel

The Oberndorfer Druckerei in Mittergöming near Salzburg is one of Austria’s most powerful web offset printing plants with an integrated industrial bindery. The plant was founded in 1913 and today, together with the J. Fink Druck in Ostfildern near Stuttgart, it belongs to the CirclePrinters Group, with altogether 10 business units across Europe. CirclePrinters is one of the leading providers of services in the field of high volume reel-fed offset printing in Europe. Together, the two companies form the German-speaking platform of the CirclePrinters CentralEurope.

With 320 employees we produce in web offset printing inserts, catalogues and magazines in high volumes for well-known clients in trade, industry and publishing. As a service provider in a highly competitive sector we commit ourselves to high quality and a top performance.

Throughout their long established history, both companies have always been engaged to an ecological and environmentally sound acting. The achieved standards regarding smooth processes and a reduced demand of resources are supervised and documented from independent third parties. The certifications according to the PEFC- and the FSC-standard have already been accomplished some years ago and have been repeatedly confirmed. Since 2011, the Oberndorfer Druckerei has been authorized to use the Austrian Ecolabel. Therefore it only has been logical to aim as well for the EU-Ecolabel Certification for both companies, which has been achieved and approved now, in July 2013, for both companies.

This visible acknowledgement of our ecological acting across the plant is as well a responsibility to continuously improve the internal processes. Thereby, the regulatory circuit has been closed, which means that ecological acting spares resources and contributes to the sustainable economic success of the Oberndorfer Druckerei and the J. Fink Druck.

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Download press release (PDF 140kB)J.Fink Druck - Press release Oberndorfer Druckerei and J. Fink Druck receive the EU-Ecolabel

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