J.Fink Druck GmbH is PEFC™ certified

PEFC™ certificationJ.Fink PEFC™ Certificate
PEFC™ stands for Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes and means commitment to the environment and the responsibility in dealing with raw wood. PEFC™ is a holistic sustainability, an inclusive approach, that combines environmental, social and economic aspects and represents a guarantee for a controlled processing chain. The aim is to prevent overexploitation and to obtain through the sustainable management of forest biodiversity, productivity and regeneration capacity of forests at local and national level. Worldwide about 355 million hectares of forests are certified. This corresponds to about 8 percent of total global forest area. Two-thirds of which is forest, that is recognised by PEFC™ certified systems. Because of that the PEFC™ certification system is the world’s largest resource potential.

J.Fink Druck GmbH is certified according to PEFC™ since July 2011. We are committed implementing the standard and maintenance of PEFC™. We guarantee the exclusive use of PEFC™-labeled paper. Together with our customers we actively contribute to the protection of the global environment on a regional basis. With this standard, we are communicating to the outside world our environmental awareness.

For more information see www.pefc.org.

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