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Information on climate-neutral printingJ.Fink Climate Partner Certificate
The mechanism of carbon neutrality provides the ability to compensate for the production of printed products resulting emissions credits from approved offset projects. The result for you is another step for your commitment to sustainability.

What is carbon-neutral printing?
The calculation of emissions is in accordance with international standards. The calculation of the order-specific data will take into account transportation ways from the forest to the final destination of your product. In addition to paper for example inks, printing plates, energy consumption in printing and transportation all are included. For each print job that is made carbon neutral with ClimatePartner, you will receive a personalised certificate and a logo to mark your printed product. Through a unique number that can be tracked online one can see the emissions that incurred during production as well as the environmental project that has been funded with your certificate. Protection projects are plants for production of clean energy (e.g. Hydropower) or to carbon storage (e.g. through afforestation) that are financed by reducing emissions certificates. By purchasing these certificates, the savings will be guaranteed a certain amount of CO ². In general, these are for renewable energy projects that would not exist without the emissions trading scheme (principle of additionality). Climate-neutral printing – the calculation and compensation of CO ² emissions – with ClimatePartner is TÜV certified.

What are the benefits of climate-neutral print products?
As a business with climate-neutral print products you do contribute to climate protection, securing the economic base and contribute to sustainable development of society. Together with other actions for environmental and climate protection you contribute to a positive
corporate image.

More information about this topic can be found at: www.climatepartner.com.

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