Introduction of certified Energy Management System ISO 50001

ISO 50001 LogoSince October 2015 Oberndorfer Druckerei (Oberndorf near Salzburg) and J.Fink Druck (Ostfildern near Stuttgart) – the central european locations of the CirclePrinters group – have a certified energy management system according to ISO 50001.

The two plants had a leading role within the printing sector due to the Austrian Environment Sign and the EU-Ecolabel. Following the corporate vision – to care about sustainability and proactively work on environmentally friendly solutions – the next step was to implement an energy management system. Engineering office Bernd Hölle GmbH (IBH) – locations in Reutlingen and Munich – helped the two plants to develop the energy management system – by analyzing the energy flows and develop an energy policy with energy goals.

Oberndorfer Druckerei: Certificate handing over by Mr. Ing. Karl Hochradl (TÜV Austria)
J.Fink Druck: Certificate handing over by Mr. Jochen Hofmann (Engineering Office Bernd Hölle GmbH)
J.Fink Druck: Certificate handing over by Mr. Jochen Hofmann (Engineering Office Bernd Hölle GmbH)

One of the main goals was to improve the energy flow through a forward-looking, organized and systematized coordination. To optimize the sourcing, production and utilization of energy allows to make unused energy potentials accessible. The energy system reduce energy costs and therefore the output of greenhouse gases and CO2-emission.

Due to ecological and economic aspects the two plants Oberndorfer Druckerei and J. Fink Druck are trying to reduce the effect of their production on the environment. This manages a positive contribution to protect the environment. Main focus was to impart the customers that both plants are dealing aware and responsible with their resources.

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