Product Management

The focus of our product management are you and your advertising!

We want to show you ways how you can generate more attention and response from your target group.
We equipped our printing machines with special units to produce your supplement in size A4 to A2 not only cost efficient but also with an additional promotional value.

Let yourself be inspired by the following possibilities:

Supplement with shortened pages
This type of production is recommended on supplements in size A4. Here on one or more pages have been shortened in width. It plays almost no role, where the shorter pages are in your supplement.

Intermittently glued supplement
We offer this type of production on rotation glued inserts in A4 format. By clever positioning or leaving out of glue we not only print one supplement: we produce carrier and insert(s) in one production. This is not only sustainable as we reduce logistic routes, production costs and lead times we also reduce complexity and provide a consistently high product quality.

Supplement with longer pages on the header
We can produce your advertising materials in A3 format with up to two longer pages on the header. The so-called rider is generally applied to the pages in the middle of the supplement and rises the interest of your reader.

Supplement with extra rider to the side of the page
We use this type of production on supplements in format A2 and A4. The extra rider is applied to one or several pages. As an option the rider can be applied all pages starting in the middle ending with the last pages of the supplement.

J.Fink Druck is more than just a regular print-shop. We see ourselves as your service and want to show you options that you can choose from an unlimited variety of productions.

We will be happy to contact you. Please let us know, when and how we may contact you.

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