Carefully thought-out production of printing forms based on advanced technology
decides on the outcome of every production.

J.Fink - Prepress workflow (exemplary)
J.Fink – Prepress workflow (exemplary)

Our prepress workflow can handle both AM and FM screenings as well as a combination of both, the so called hybrid-screening. With hybrid-screening even the smallest details can be reproduced. So we ensure perfect stability and reproducibility. Cloudy and disturbing effects as they can appear in the printed image with FM screenings (stochastic screening) are things of the past.

This is no topic with hybrid-screening as it works with very high screening rules on normal output resolution. Thus, for example, AM screens with a ruling of 423 lines per inch can easily be output at a resolution of 2400 dpi. Engraved sharpness, deep drawing and crystal clear lights are a matter of available spectrum.

In our prepress department we define the best objectives based on your specifications for an optimum production. A continuous process standardisation following the guidelines of Process Standard Offset is ensured by our in-house colour management. Here data, colour proofs and our presses are tuned to match together according to the latest scientific insights.

Together with our technical innovations like web-based approval we offer to you the ability to integrate into the production process. At the same time you work more cost and time effective.

Our employees are highly qualified. Our experience guarantees a professional handling of your data.

Please download our technical guidelines to create printing data as PDF (80KB).J.Fink Druck - Data delivery terms and conditions

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