J.Fink Druck - PostpressFrom cutting to folding to saddle stitching or perfect binding

We believe that supplements are a great way to reach your customers. They‘re fast, direct, periodic and mostly have a short half-live.

But we also know that catalogues and magazines bring your emotions to your customers and they do this with the use of paper. Doing good at supplements is only half the truth in order to be a great supplier. Doing good at catalogues and magazines is something different and transferring emotions onto paper is something that makes J.Fink and Oberndorfer Druckerei unique.

We have all the machinery that is necessary to arise these emotions and to create valuable response. Beginning with cutting to various kinds of folds we also offer saddle stitching and perfect binding. Our saddle stitchers can handle up to 12 sheets and insert up to four loose inserts. Our perfect binders can handle up to 24 sheets and insert up to five loose inserts.

We run several machines for the gluing of postcards or other samples onto your product.

Your product can be wrapped individually into PE-foil or into paper. Packing into PE-foil lets your customer easily see the cover of your product. Usually the cover is the most important promotional support. So why hide it? Of course our PE-foil is environmentally friendly.

Packing into paper is also environmentally friendly but it goes exactly into the opposite direction. We know from our customers that paper can be an additional carrier for your advertisement. We can insert up to four products, pack them into paper and do the labelling in one step. Mostly this is more cost efficient than enveloping.

Our post-press machinery in brief

  • 4 saddle stitchers with up to 12 feeders, folding and card gluing units, one or two up productions, up to 4 inserts, inkjet labelling unit, bundling and packing units
  • 2 perfect binders (PUR or hotmelt) with up to 24 feeders, folding and card gluing units, up to 5 inserts, inkjet labelling unit, bundling and packing units


Your contact
M. Sc. Florian Eisrich

Product Management
Tel +49 711 4506 -225

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