Color Management

Quality is measurable!

J.Fink 3D-Colormodel 'ISO Coated v2'
J.Fink 3D-Colormodel ‘ISO Coated v2’

Institutes such as FOGRA, ECI or the BVDM are working on standards for print on the basis of papers and inks that are currently available on the market.
Here the many different papers are divided into groups and printed several times on different presses under optimal conditions.
The resulting measurements are processed according to empirical criteria following the method of the Process Standard Offset (PSO) and provided back to the printing industry.
This method has several advantages:

  • Even the photographer can make optimal colour settings
  • The so-called proof is untouchable
  • Increased efficiency and satisfied customers
  • Quality is measurable, verifiable and reproducible

We process according to the guidelines of PSO and you will receive an optimal printed product. To ensure this we would like to communicate the data delivery with you in advance. Please have a look on our specifications or contact us.

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