J.Fink HistoryJ.Fink was founded in the year 1875 by Johann Jacob Fink as a letterpress company. 1889 Jacob Fink was appointed „Court printer“. 1894 he started the publishing house and in 1934 Mrs Pauline Fink recorded her nephew Mr Rolf Helmut Fausel as shareholder after he worked for the company for ten years. The company was destroyed by an air-raid during World War II in 1944. In 1949 Pauline Fink and her nephew Rolf Helmut Fausel began the reconstruction of the printing and publishing factory. With Pauline Fink‘s death in 1960 the shares went over to Rolf Helmut Fausel who by then was the sole owner. In 1967 Arthur Grunder, who was a trainee back then, was awarded partner of the company. The same year Rolf Helmut Fausel transferred the management jointly to his son Thomas Fausel and Arthur Grunder.

The company relocated from Stuttgart to Ostfildern and Fink made a complete conversion from letterpress to offset printing in 1970. Another three years later the first web offset press was installed and in 1986 J.Fink bought first shares of the Dr. Cantz‘sche Druckerei. The complete take-over of Dr. Cantz‘sche Druckerei was in 1993. Thomas Fausel retired as partner in 1994 and Arthur Grunder became the sole owner of J.Fink. In the year 2000 Pallino Media Integration was acquired and five years later in 2005 both sheetfed (Dr. Cantz´sche Druckerei) and web offset (J.Fink Druckerei) extended their capacities. Plant concentration of the group followed in Ostfildern-Kemnat in 2006 and Pallino Media Integration became part of the Dr. Cantz‘sche Druckerei and was known as „Cantz Media Management“. In late 2007 J.Fink Druckerei acquired „Drucklinie Detmold“ and relaunched it as J.Fink Rollenoffset West GmbH but shut it down 20th May 2011.

On 1st August 2011 parts of the machinery as well as key business areas of the J. Fink Druckerei GmbH & Co. KG were taken into the newly founded J.Fink Druck GmbH. The J. Fink Druck GmbH since then is a 100% subsidiary of Oberndorfer Druckerei GmbH, Austria, and thus part of the Circle Printers Group.

Key facts in brief
1875    Company founded by John Jacob Fink in Stuttgart
1973    Installation of the first web offset printing press
1980    Installation of the first 32 pages web offset printing press
1986    Participation in the sheetfed printing company Dr. Cantz‘sche Druckerei
1995    Introduction of computer-to-plate technology in prepress
1998    Installation of the first 48 pages web offset printing press
2000    Installation of the first 64 pages web offset printing press
2005    Installation of the first 80 pages web offset printing press
2007    Installation of the second 80 pages web offset printing press
2009    Restructuring after the start of high investment and financial crisis
2011    Oberndorfer Druckerei takes over parts of the J. Fink Druckerei, Founding of the J. Fink Druck GmbH
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